Friday 24 November 2023

The week in Year OneπŸ¦πŸ¦“πŸ§

 Hello Year One Families

I have really missed you and it is so nice to be back!

The children have had another busy week in Year One. 

In maths we have been learning to add two numbers together within ten. The children learn how to do this using a range of methods including tens frames and part part whole models. They have practiced how to write addition sentences using the symbols + and = as well as saying the number sentence they have made. Sometimes we used the stem sentence: First there were ____, then we added ___ more, now there are _____ altogether. 

In English the children have finished writing African elephant fact files and then had a go at writing their own animal fact file about their favourite animal. The children are beginning to use their writing skills to write longer sentences, adding full stops, capital letters and interesting adjectives too. 

This has linked really nicely with their science, where we have been learning what sort of teeth different animals have based on whether they are a carnivore, herbivore or omnivore. I wonder if they can remember the facts they learnt about this?! (Carnivores have sharp teeth for eating/ripping meat, herbivores have flat teeth for grinding plants and omnivores have flat and sharp teeth).

Following the children's zoom session with artist Nick Mackman, they have put their newly found knowledge to the test and begun to design and make some fabulous penguins. The finished models should be coming home at the end of term too. The pictures show some fantastic sculpture skills.

I can safely say that the highlight of the week for all the children (and staff too) was the trip to Marwell Zoo. The children throughly enjoyed themselves and were incredibly well behaved.

We also managed to squeeze in a mini disco too! Thank you Mr Spracklen πŸ˜€

Coming soon:

We will be resending home log ins next week for Numbots, Purple Mash and Reading Eggs as we have had a number of requests.

Our winter play practice has just begun so children may well be humming and singing these songs at home! Some children may have a few lines to learn and we will send home costume requests next week. If anyone is struggling to find costume items please do let us know and we can help source items. 

Our Christmas craft day is on Friday 1st December. This is where the children have the opportunity to make a range of Christmas crafts  with different friends and staff around the school. It is a lovely way to mark the beginning of the festive period. 

Also on the this day, our very own Mr Dwyer will be leading an assembly on rail safety with all the children in the school. 

Phew! Another fun-packed week to come!

We look forward to seeing you for a ❅ Magical Monday ❅

The Year One Team

Friday 17 November 2023

Year 1 - Sculpture, Dough fun, Magnificent Maths and Bird Feeders 17.11.23

This week we have been busy learning more about sculpture in Art, we had a live zoom call with animal sculpture artist Nick Mackman.  Nick showed the children how to make a penguin from clay which we will be attempting next week.  The children asked lots of questions and had some great ideas of how they could make their own.  Some children even had a go with the play dough, they were certainly inspired to learn!

Using the playdough from this week's learning the children have been strengthening their hands by, twisting, squeezing, rolling and flattening.  Making shapes to join together to make animals.

We have also been practising our number bonds in Maths.  We have been looking at how to make a number (whole) out of two smaller numbers (parts).  We are beginning to learn facts such as 3+7=10.  The children have used cubes, counters and rekenreks to show their calculations.

At Forest School this week the rain did not stop play!  The children made bird feeders and found and measured worms!  The children were really focused on their learning and showed great interest in bird spotting using the binoculars and caring for all of the animals in our school grounds.

The elephant theme continued through our writing and our play.  We are very proud of our Elmer elephants, children independently created their own Elmer using a milk bottle, tissue paper and googly eyes.

We also had time to go to The Shire Hall to find out more about the Victorians.  We learned about Harry Parker, The Bankes Family and how life was for Victorian Children.  The children were amazing and so engaged in their learning.  The staff were really impressed by their historical thinking skills!  Look out for Judge Herbie in the courtroom!

Next week we are beginning to practise our Winter Show songs and will be visiting Marwell Zoo!  PE and Library Book change are on Friday.  

Have a restful weekend and if you have any questions please ask a member for the team.


Tuesday 14 November 2023

Y1 - Backpacks please! 14/11/23

In order to keep our hands free on our trip tomorrow, please could your child bring a backpack to carry their drink, snack and lunch.  We will be eating our lunch before returning to school in order to maximise our time at the museum.  Many of your children have a school packed lunch which we will distribute in the morning.  Hopefully the weather will be on our side!

See you all tomorrow,

The Year 1 Team

Saturday 11 November 2023

Elephants, Flying Mice and Animal Adventures - 9.11.23

The wind has certainly whipped up a storm with Year 1's learning this week.  In Literacy we have become elephant experts and practised writing adjectives to describe elephants and even used them in our writing.  In Maths we have become number mad, number sentence writers.  All of the children have gained confidence in writing their numerals and using the + sign and the = sign to write a number sentence.  We have started calling these number bonds.  

Playing outside has been a priority when the weather allowed and we have taken our History learning to the sandpit where the children were mining for coal whilst others used the wheelbarrows and the parcel truck to lift heavy objects from one area to another.

We have continued our science project and made various mice to launch into space, using a metre ruler to measure their flight.

We had a fabulous Forest School on Thursday working collaboratively with the logs and sticks and chalk to make some forest art work.

We ended the week with an animal adventure with the Now Press Play headsets.  This is an interactive drama experience where the children actively listen and take part in a story.  Our story this time was all about animals and linked beautifully with our learning in science.  PC Welch was also visiting with his police car, so the children enjoyed a quick look in the police car.

We also practiced our drawing skills and started to sculpt our own using play dough.

Thank you to all of you who have returned home learning, bought in amazing things from home, taken part in Fonetti or created a poppy for our school wreath.  We have really enjoyed sharing this in class.

We are now storing welly boots in our covered area at the front of the classroom to ensure the locker area is kept tidy and so that there is enough space for all of our things.  If you need to take these home, please don't hesitate to ask.  Any unnamed items are also available in our class lost property box, again please ask to have a look if you are missing anything.

Next week we are off to learn more about The Victorians at Shire Hall and it is Children In Need day on Friday.  

We are looking forward to another fun packed week.

Have a restful weekend.

The Year 1 Team.

Monday 6 November 2023

Unit 1.3 – Pictograms

In Y1 Computing today we began our new unit of work on 'Pictograms'.

The aim of our session was to understand that data can be represented in picture format.

Today we explored this concept by using 2Count on Purple Mash and by creating our own pictogram detailing 'How do Year One travel to school?' - 

Thursday 2 November 2023

Welcome Back Year 1!

What a wonderful week it has been in year 1, we will ignore the weather and cancelled trips and focus on the positive - that is the children and their wonderful learning.

This week we have bought the zoo to the children by reading a story all about a zoo vet who is very caring and helps all kinds of animals.  The children have enjoyed being zoo vets themselves, using their writing skills to record treatments and book appointments for the animals.  It has been wonderful to see how caring your children are.  We have also built animal enclosures (when the weather allowed) and hunted for some missing animals.

We have also been practicing our cutting, joining and assembling skills in our class activities especially in DT where the children have managed to complete their Windmills.  These were designed specifically for a mouse.  I'm sure the children will enjoy telling you all about how they made them.

We have also had an adventure this afternoon and some very special ferocious beasts.

Above all everyone has returned to school with great attitudes to learning and have shown how ready they are for the next challenge.  Well done year 1.

Next week we are back to usual timetable on Thursday, with Forest Schools on Thursday afternoon.  Please make sure your child has a coat and outdoor footwear to change into for this session (I don't think the weather is going to improve much).  We will be continuing with PE on a Friday morning, PE kits need to be in school for the children to change into.

Last but not least we have had an umbrella go missing from the year 1 locker area.  It has dinosaurs on it and it changes colour in the rain.  If you have seen one around please let a member of the team know.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask a member of the team.

Many Thanks

The year 1 team.

Wednesday 18 October 2023

Wet weather for Forest School

 Hello Year One Families

It is looking rather wet tomorrow so please make sure your child is prepared for a rainy forest school. Wet weather clothes and wellies are a must!

Thank you

The Year One Team