Monday, 29 April 2013

The Life Education Van

Today the children got to go in the Life Education Van. We learnt about four food groups; Protein, Dairy, Carbohydrate and Fruit/Veg. I wonder which children can remember the actions and sayings that Moira taught us all?

We also spoke about different parts of the body and their role in keeping us alive. We had a visit from Harold the Giraffe. We helped him with some problems he had with his lunch, we explained how important it is to have fruit and vegetables in your lunch box and that we do not need sugary snacks. Harold taught us a brilliant song about keeping healthy.

The last thing we spoke about was having a balanced diet as well as having plenty of sleep. Harold advised us all to go to bed early this week! 

This week we will use the information we have found out to help us with our topic work.

In Literacy this week we are carrying on our descriptive writing. In Numeracy we are recapping on multiplication, dividing and money.

Thursday, 25 April 2013


On a Thursday morning we will now be starting the day in the ICT suite. Please could you bring your child down to the suite where they can log on and start a morning job that is linked to keyboard skills. 

Recently we have been using the soft ware Easy Keysi. The children have to read the word and find them on the keyboard, if they do this without making mistakes they can get medals!

Next week we will be moving onto a different program which can be accessed at home. If you go onto Purple Mash and type '2 type' into the search bar, lots of different keyboard skills games pop up. We will be practising lots of these in the next few weeks. 

This half term we are focussing on control and all children will have a chance to use a range of different equipment such as; ipads, lego control, beebots and the movie camera. 

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

The empty eggs...

This week in Year 1 we have been trying to remember which way to to move if you are turning clockwise and anticlockwise. The children having been driving the large vehicles and singing lots of circle songs.

The children have also solved the problem of the empty eggs! The whole class went on a search around the school to see where the creatures went. They were found in a number of places! I wonder if any of the children can tell their parents what they are? 

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Spring animals

We all had a fantastic time at the farm. The children learnt all about the sheep and got to stroke some of the lambs.

I wonder if anybody remembers why the sheep have numbers sprayed on them?

After looking at the lambs we had a sneak peak at calves and then spoke about the cows. Does anybody remember what those special tags on the cows ears are for?

Friday, 19 April 2013

Farm trip on Monday...

This week the children have made up their own stories about what they think is going to come out of the eggs. They all worked really hard to make sure their stories had a beginning, a middle and an end.

We are now looking at time in Year 1. When you are at home and doing routine jobs around the house it is always good to remind the children of the time. For example we know at school that Mrs. Moger claps hands at 9am and we have assembly at 10.10am. What time do you wake up? What time do you have breakfast?

One last thing to say:

Monday, 15 April 2013

Welcome back, a busy term has started!

Welcome back. We hope you all had a lovely break. It is great to see so many pieces of home learning. Well done!

This week we are looking at symmetry and tessellation in maths. The children enjoyed making different shapes today and will carry on with this job throughout the week.

We have started our Literacy this week with a mystery...We have had a delivery of some large eggs into the Year 1 classroom. The children started to think of what might be in the eggs; popular guesses are dragons, crocodiles and chickens! Stay tuned to find out what is going to hatch out....

This term in DT we are looking at healthy living. This week the children will be looking at food groups and talking about what things are living in the world around us.

We are also finishing off our traditional tales hand puppets. These are really fantastic and will be on display in the classroom soon.

We love to see the children's achievements that they have worked on at home, from a piece of work to reading each night, its all brilliant to see and hear about in the home learning journals. 


Orchestra will begin again THIS Thursday 18th April. Clubs begin next week. All players need to attend please, should have their instrument and two pieces of music. Bring a drink and snack and then we'll begin playing! Any extra hands would be gladly appreciated!
Mrs Mewett