Tuesday, 26 February 2013

How can you move around the classroom using a crate and tubes?

In History and DT the children have been looking at old toys on espresso and Mrs Moger has bought in some old dolls.

We set the children a challenge to move a crate around the classroom. They had to work as part of a team and had rope, long tubes and a crate to use. This is one of the ideas that a group had this afternoon

Monday, 25 February 2013

Welcome back, assembly this Friday!

A big welcome back to everyone!

Thank you for all of the fantastic home learning that you have all been doing during the half term.

In Literacy this week we are still looking at traditional tales, this week we are focussing on The Three Billy Goats Gruff.

In Numeracy we are looking at addition and subtraction 

In History we are still looking at old toys.

We have got our assembly on Friday, please come along and see the childrens work.

Sunday, 24 February 2013

Clubs this term...

Clubs have begun really well this term; the children are attending lots of fun clubs either held in lunchtimes or after school.

Dance club is popular as ever, Choir is also very strong this term; Mrs Gallego was stunned by the amazing sound she heard last week!  The beginner Recorder club has also begun now, with some very keen and eager children who are already moving on well with their learning!

If your child has recorder lessons or Ukele lessons with Lucy then please ensure your payments per lesson (£1 per week) are handed into the school office asap.

If your child would like to join any of the above then please see me or the school office and we’ll put you in touch with the adult running the club, the more the merrier!

Friday, 15 February 2013

Great drumming!

Well done to all of Year 1. You performed so well this afternoon and I loved seeing parents' faces when they joined in with your dance!!!

Your designs for African shorts were nearly as good as mine from Sierra Leone!!

Thursday, 14 February 2013

Indian farm animals

Year 1 enjoyed learning about Indian farm animals with Mr Farrington this morning. We all did some lovely writing about our favourite farm animal. I wonder if your child can tell you about what they learnt?

Wildlife Club

Today our lovely wildlife panels were collected by the RSPB. They will soon be put up at the shelter overlooking the lake. I hope to be able to take the wildlife club to see their work alongside displays from other schools.

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Can you feel the rhythm?

Today we have been dancing, drumming and singing with Kwame Bakaji-Hume from Ghana. The children got to use some of the instruments to make rhythms and beats. Kwame taught us all a dance which we will be showing on Friday afternoon. 

Tuesday, 12 February 2013


 Today we have been thinking about ...

We have been drawing self portraits on purple mash. I wonder how many of the children could draw their families and their hair on purple mash?

We had a visit from DEED today, the lady spoke to the children about similarities and differences of our appearances and they had to match eyes, mouth and noses.

We have also been making our own hair using lots of different materials. The children really enjoyed this as they had a chance to make their faces with playdough.

And finally....we have been cooking with Mrs Hibberd. Why not come along to our presentation of work on Friday afternoon to try our yummy treats?

Monday, 11 February 2013

Gambian rotation day....

Today we have had lots of activities for the children to do.

1. Design a flag using the colours of the Gambian Flag

2. Work together in a group to design an African pattern on a top and some shorts.

Each of the children had roles within the group, they had to make sure that the quality was up to scratch and that they were all being fair!

3. Make an African drum. The children drew patterns on the outside of their drums and decided which material they thought would make the best drum.

4. Looking at artefacts from when Mr. Farrington went to Gambia. The children really enjoyed touching these artefacts and even had a go on some musical instruments.

This artefact is used in Gambia to wash your hands and feet before you go into prayer. Our challenge to everyone at home is to find out its name?

Friday, 8 February 2013

What is Fairtrade?

We have all had a brilliant day today and have learnt lots of information about Fairtrade. We started off the day by looking at a story written by Lauren Child

This book is the story of where chocolate is from and introduced the term Fairtrade to the children. The children started off by drawing their own chocolate trees  (Lola thought that it grew on trees)

 Then the children had to write something that they learnt about chocolate underneath. The children understood Fairtrade as:

"To help others who don't have what we have" and also "giving fair money to the farmers and not the factories". 

In the afternoon we had a visitor from DEED, she spoke to us all about where Bananas come from.
We spoke about how if a country is along the equator then it is hot, this is where bananas will grow. 
As a class we then talked through how a banana gets to this country. 
Starting as a banana flower
Grown in 'hands' of bananas

Then being shipped to this country. Next we worked in our literacy groups to produce as many bananas as possible. However.... there was only one pair of scissors, one yellow pencil and one brown pencil per group! The bananas were inspected by the factory owner (Mrs Moger) and the workers given money for their efforts. The children loved this challenge, one group made 100 ceclis.

I wonder if the children can retell you at home how a banana gets to our country and why is it important that we have Fairtrade products? 

RSPB Art Project

This week the year 1's in Mr. Farrington's Nature Club have been working on a project to decorate part of a shelter that will be constructed at Radipole Nature Reserve in Weymouth. It is hoped that the decorated surface will deter vandalism. All the children have worked incredibly hard all week, drawing and painting the surface in time! It is hoped that the shelter will be built in the very near future. 
Thank you very much!

Thursday, 7 February 2013

'One World One Country Week'

We have some very exciting activities lined up over the next few days. 

Friday 8th Feb: We will be talking about Fairtrade. We have a selection of items that we will show the children. We will discuss and explain fairtrade. 

Monday 11th Feb: We have a day of rotational workshops. The children will have the opportunity to create Gambian art, work as part of a team to design some colourful fabric and much much more! 

Tuesday 12th Feb: Today we will be looking at the story called 'I Love My Hair' 
They will get a chance to design and make their own hair. We will also be cooking throughout the day. 

Wednesday 13th Feb: We have a very energetic day today as we are lucky enough to have Kwame Bakaji-Hume with us from Ghana. The children will be able to partake in drumming, singing and dancing. 

Thursday 14th Feb: Today we will be using ICT to write up some of our work. Mr Farrington will be showing the children some of the farm animals on Indian farms, the children will then be able to sketch them. 

FRIDAY 15TH FEB: This is a day where the children get to show you what brilliant activities that they have been able to do through out our themed week. We will be displaying all out work and selling off our yummy cooking. Times and more information to follow. 

Thank you for the soft toys....

Thank you to everyone who bought in the soft toys. The children have been looking at measuring this week. They weighed their soft toys on balance scales.

They have also been measuring using metre rules, 30cm rulers and square paper.

Starting from tomorrow Year 1 will be starting our 'One World One Country' week, more information to follow....

Friday, 1 February 2013

Please could the children bring in.....

Next week in Numeracy we are going to be measuring using weight. We would like the childen to bring in a small toy that they would be able to use to weigh. We emphasize that the toy needs to be able to fit on the balancing scales and preferably not mechanical. Something like a small soft toy would be great. So that they don't get lost can we have a name on the toy somewhere. The toys will be kept in one place and not be allowed to go outside so something that is not too precious would also be a good idea.

Thank you

Year 1 team

Our exciting visitors!!

Today we had some very interesting characters visit our class. We were lucky enough to have the beautiful Cinderella, accompanied by her Prince, the Fairy Godmother and the two (very unkind) ugly sisters!

The children were able to ask them all questions, such as:

"Why do you get Cinderella to do all of the cleaning?" (The Ugly Sisters)

"Do you like your sisters?" (Cinderella)

After our visitors went home, the children each wrote a question that one of the characters might ask someone else in the story. To be successful they had to use speech marks and question marks.  


The children are really getting to grips with the properties of 2D and 3D shapes. I wonder how many different shapes you have around your house that the children can identify.