Monday, 31 October 2016

Y1- 31.10.16- Castle creations and home learning tomorrow please.

I am looking forward to welcoming you all back to school tomorrow and seeing your castle creations and writing! We will be looking at these tomorrow afternoon.

We have PE first thing in the morning so please can we have PE kits in. 

Thank you

Saturday, 29 October 2016

Y1 29.10.16- A visit from the Queen!

It was fantastic to see so many Prince of Wales children out on Thursday and in particular a lot of Year 1 children, who were all eager to try and get a glimpse of the Queen and her family. It felt like the whole of Dorchester were tightly packed in to The Queen's Mother's square which was very exciting!

I am not sure if you have seen the pictures but if not check out the Dorset Echo website.

There are some brilliant photos and even one of Bella who got extremely close to the Queen and managed to give her some flowers!

Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Royal visit - arrangments 27/10/16

We have received slight changes to Thursday for the Royal visit. All children and parents from The Prince of Wales School now need to meet at the security tent which will be located at the top of Peverell Avenue East. Please be there for 10 -10.15am latest.  Mr Scott (Lexi’s dad) is going to be a representative for the school so please make yourself familiar to him when you arrive.

Mr Scott has kindly suggested that anyone wishing to park may do so at his business. This is Deane Computer Solutions, unit 6A middle Farm Way, Dorchester. DT1 3AR.

Many thanks to Mr Scott for helping with this organisation.

Friday, 21 October 2016

Y1 21.10.16- Bling your bike and the end of half term!

So we have reached the end of the first half term in Year 1! Thank you to everyone that came to parents evening this week. It was great to be able to talk to you all about how your children have settled in to Year 1.

Well done to everyone that took part in the 'bling your bike' competition today. They all enjoyed showing the rest of the school their efforts. It was fantastic to see so many decorated bikes and scooters. Everyone involved received a reflective sticker and a certificate. Extra congratulations to Indi-Rose and Lily who were chosen by the Eco Team to win prizes!

We hope you have a lovely break. We look forward to seeing you on Tuesday 1st November with your castles home learning.

The Year 1 team

Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Bling Your Bike - Friday 21st October

“Bling Your Bike Morning”

Yes that is “Bling”, although we would like you to “Bring” your bikes too!

This Friday 21st October we will be holding another “Bling Your Bike” event. This is to promote “Being Safe by Being Seen” when out on your bikes and scooters. We are having a competition to see who can make their bike or scooter extra colourful and bright ,- so that it really stands out!

The children may score extra marks for having bright, colourful clothing that they can put on when parading their “blinged”-bike.

Children who would like to take part in the competition should bring their bikes to school on the morning of Friday 21st October. Winners will be decided during the day and we have some nice prizes, kindly donated by Sustrans

It is important that any materials added to your bike or scooter should not be in the way of moving parts.


Sunday, 16 October 2016

Y1 16.10.16- Literacy, maths and art this week

We have now started learning about Castles! The children have learnt about the different features of castles such as what a portcullis is; why some castles have moats and what arrow slits are in the walls. They are using the information they have learnt to answer questions and write some fantastic sentences where the focus is on capital letters, full stops and making sure that what they write makes sense. 

In maths we are thinking about our number bonds to 10 and 20. I taught the children the number bond song and we worked together to add numicon to our maths working wall to aid their learning.
This week we will be using our knowledge of number bonds to add and subtract one digit numbers.

In art we have started looking at the art of Russian painter Wassily Kandinsky. Kandisky's art was made of vibrant colours and many shapes. We are focussing on his concentric circles to make our own abstract trees.

Y1 16.10.16- Praise assembly and reading targets

I praised the whole class this week for their concentration in lessons. They are showing that if they manage their distractions they become absorbed in their learning.
Individual children that were also praised were-

Ella- for her question writing about castles.
Tilly, Erin and Imogen for showing great concentration in literacy.
Jasmine- for her determination with her cursive writing
Kurtis- missing number bonds to 20.

The whole class really enjoyed going to the book fair this week and thinking about what books they enjoy reading. As you will see in your child's reading log I have stuck in a group reading target. This is something that the children can work towards when reading at home and at school. For example it may read 'I can read new words by blending sounds together'. This means that when reading with your child you may notice how they are breaking down the words in to sounds and then trying to form the words. If you see them doing this then please do write this in the comments section. A number of parents have mentioned that their child does not like reading at home. The children do work incredibly hard at school and I expect most of them are very tired by the time they get to bed time. If you can read with them on a daily basis then that is brilliant, school or home books can be read to develop a love of reading. It is such good practice just to share books with them, if you read to them they will still learn a lot from your reading.


Monday, 10 October 2016

Whole School Monday 10th October 2016

Whole school Monday 10th October 2016

Yippee! The Book Fair arrives this week - perfect timing for some christmas shopping!!!!!!The children will all be visiting the book fair with their class, and I am sure they will come home full of excitement about books they have seen, so do pop along and buy a book or two!!!
We really appreciate the support you show us each year at the book fair, not only encouraging your child's love of reading but, every time you buy a book, we earn commission in vouchers to buy new books for the school library and the guided reading library. Great isn't it?

We rely heavily on this source to maintain a high quality, up to date library full of the latest reads and best sellers! This ensures that ALL children in the school have access to a well stocked library to explore and foster a love for books!

Thank you in advance for your support and generosity!

Mrs. Johnson 

Y1- 10.10.16- Amazing home learning and Forest School today

Wow! Today we all got a chance to look at the children’s home learning. It was fantastic to see the range of different learning that the children chose to do from stories, to descriptions and labelling of the pictures. I was impressed with the handwriting standard also. This is definitely a focus at the moment. So with this in mind home learning that is brought in really needs to be a focussed task where your child spends time forming letters, trying to spell phonetically and using their imagination. Instead of the children just bringing in their favourite toy, can they write a story about it? 

In Forest School today the Autumn and Winter group learnt how to safely light and extinguish a fire. Every child had a go at making a spark using a fire steel. We spoke about what we need to make a fire, safety around a fire and what happens to wood when it burns. The children ate some delicious popcorn and then had the important job of putting out the fire.