Tuesday, 31 January 2017

YR1 - Parent Consultations

As some of you may have seen, Year 1 parent consultations this year were set up earlier than usual; this was because Mrs Thorpe had to leave for maternity leave. A second day is being offered on Tuesday 21st February for those parents who did not see Mrs Thorpe and myself.

 Priority will be given to see all parents once during these two occasions.

(Please speak to me if you have signed up, but did see Mrs Thorpe a few weeks ago).

Please speak to Mrs Mewett if you have any further queries.

Miss Kinkead


YR 1 This weeks learning

As mentioned this week in Literacy we are utilising our International Space Station role play area. All the children will have the chance to be a character in space and then write in role. They will be doing a variety of activities based on Neil Armstrong and Christopher Columbus and this will be added to their fact files.

 In Design and Technology we are going to be making International Space Stations, so if you have any more kitchen roll tubes, keep bringing them in! Thanks again to everyone who has been.

In Maths this week, we are concentrating on measure. The children will be exploring language related to measure (long/short etc) and estimating lengths. Please encourage them to estimate lengths of objects at home or to measure the length of objects using their hands. We will move into using rulers (cm/mm) next week.

 It was a pleasure last week teaching your children, I am sure this week will be just good!

Friday, 27 January 2017

YR 1 Praise Assembly

Huge congratulations to those who were praised in Praise Assembly today!

Joey and Caitlin were praised for their excellent progress in Phonics! Jason and Beau were praised for their contribution to our Music lessons – they are always heard! Alyce and Emilie were praised for doing such amazing home learning! They wrote so many sentences with their spellings in! Well done. Daphne was praised for her number recognition! She did some exciting work this week sorting numbers and has really progressed. Harlen and Bella were both praised for their writing this week about our space topic! Harlen has tried so hard this week and has done a lot of independent work! Bella has also done very well and wrote instructions for a space sandwich.

Thursday, 26 January 2017

YR 1 International Space Station

Afternoon all.
Yesterday some of your children got to go to space in our International Space Station!

 In choosing time six children (who were particular well behaved yesterday) were picked to be the first to go to space! On Friday twelve more children will have the opportunity to go! Please encourage your children to continue space role play at home as they will be doing this next week in Literacy and then writing in role.

Monday, 23 January 2017

YR1 23.01.17 Week Ahead

Firstly I would like to say how excited and pleased I am to be teaching your children. As you have probably realised Mrs Thorpe and I have been working very hard to ensure a smooth transition, so the children’s learning and routine will not be disturbed. I am looking forward to getting to know you all and to support your children’s progress.

This week the children will continue with their space topic in Literacy. We will be concentrating on food and how to cook in space. They will add this to their fact files. We have turned the quiet room into the International Space Station and will reveal this to the children this week! If you have anything related to space at home that you would be happy to donate to this role play area we would be very grateful. Thank you to those who have already brought in their kitchen towel tubes (not toilet roll) but we still need more, so please keep bringing them in.

In Maths we are moving away from time and concentrating on number for a week. The children’s main learning objectives are to start counting in 2,5,10s and to plot numbers on a number line. As the week progresses, feel free to draw number lines and encourage your children to plot number on them or to simply ask your children to sort objects into 2,5,10s! If you would like any further ideas I am happy to help.

Finally, a congratulations is in order as all your children did very well in their spellings on Friday (or their phonics), so we are hoping for a similar result this week. Please make sure you keep your children practising and encourage them to write sentences using their spellings to consolidate their learning – it really does help!

Additionally, congratulations to Isla, Ella, Oscar, Sam, Stephen, Indi-Rose, Samantha and Kurtis who were praised on Friday in Praise Assembly for their neat handwriting! Well done!
Miss Kinkead

Sunday, 22 January 2017

Nature club

Well, Year 1 Nature club has started superbly well!

We have spent time in the garden identifying garden birds and other wildlife we would like to attract. We have also started to learn names of trees in our school grounds and discussing the season of winter.
We made bird feeders this week out of oranges and string and we have hung these up within the garden area. The birds are thoroughly enjoying our looking after them as all bird feed from the pervious week had gone! Spotted using our feeders were robins, blue tits and of course the two squirrels that have their home in our garden!
Harlan came up with the idea of a bird hotel - to select a tree and make it a nice place for birds to visit so this is our next goal as well as repairing the bug hotel. E.g. mobiles, food, safe places like boxes, toys have all been thought about!
Lastly, if you do have materials you wish to send in to add to our club from bird feed fat balls to hanging bird decorations, we would most welcome any offerings!

Thank you

Mrs Mewett

Friday, 20 January 2017

Y1 Goodbye from Mrs Thorpe!

I would like to say a huge thank you to everyone today for giving me a lovely last day. The children enjoyed the afternoon that was filled with fun, games, ice cream and even a piƱata (Thanks to Mr + Mrs Scott).

Thank you very much for your kind words, cards and gifts. I will keep in touch and be in to visit!

Mrs Thorpe

Monday, 16 January 2017

YR1 16.1.17 Week Ahead

Thank you for everyone who made the parent information this morning. If you missed it there is a newsletter coming out this week with all the information in. We still have a few spaces left on Thursday afternoon for a short parent teacher consultation. This will be held in Mrs Mewett’s office and Miss Kinkead will also be present.  If you would like to book a time please come and see me.

This week in literacy we are carrying on with our space topic. We will be making some fact files about life on the International Space Station. The children will be watching videos on sleeping, eating, drinking and we will be writing recounts of this in their fact files. Please may we have kitchen tubes (not toilet roll) for a project we are doing in a couple of weeks.

This is our last week on time, in maths. We are using stop watches today and for the rest of the week to record how long activities take. It would be great to continue this at home (you may have a stop watch on your phone?). For example, why don’t the children time how long it takes to get ready in the morning – it may make them quicker!

Just to confirm it will be my last day on Friday, we will be having a party to celebrate!

Friday, 13 January 2017

Y1 13.1.17- Praise assembly

In our praise assembly this week the following children received certificates:

Emilie- For being able to count on in half an hour.
Andreas- Telling the time
Imogen- For her fantastic simile work.
Phillippa- For being a caring and courteous caterpillar by helping her friends in PE.
Leo- for remembering his balancing skills. 

Well done everyone! 

Monday, 9 January 2017

postponed Yr 1 parent info session 10th Jan

Dear parents,

Mrs Thorpe is unfortunately poorly today so will not be in school. Many apologies but we will therefore need to postpone the Parent Information session. Please spread the word to all those other parents who may not access this blog.
A re-scheduled date has been set for Monday 16th January 2017 at 9am in the school hall. Apologies.

Many thanks,

Mrs Mewett

Friday, 6 January 2017

Y1 6.1.17- End of the first week!

This week the children have settled so well back in to the routine of school after their break. They have been working really hard to make sure that in their writing they have the key features such as capital letters, full stops, cursive writing, finger spaces and that they are using phonics mats for spelling. They have used the skills they have learnt from the reflective monkey to check over their work and make corrections. They have also helped their friends by reading their work and giving tickled pink and green for growth feedback.

In maths we are still reading the time. The children now mostly understand o’clock and so we will now focus on half past and being about to count on in half an hour. If your child has an analogue clock (ie not a digital display but with numbers) then this would be a very useful tool for them to use.

As I have mentioned in a previous blog there will be no Forest Schools in the Spring term. However if your child would like to attend Mrs Mewett’s nature club on a Wednesday lunch time then please bring in wellingtons and put them on the rack.

Hope you all have a restful weekend. See you all next week where we will be starting our new topic!

Year 1 awards assembly 6.1.17

Well done to everyone that received an award in the assembly today. Below are the winners of the awards
Creative arts- Jasmine
PE- Leo
Maths- Jacob
English- Abel
ICT- Andreas
Star reader- Tilly
Music- Stephen
Our World- Indi-Rose 

We also gave out our caterpillar awards for children showing the 7 DASP caterpillar qualities.
Caring- Phillippa
Courteous- Harlan
Confident- Alyce
Cooperative- Isla
Communicative- Jasper
Conscientious- Kurtis
Considerate- Florence