Thursday, 25 April 2019

Year 1 - Avast Ye Landlubbers

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Hello everyone,

We have started our new topic of Pirates for this half term! So far we have learnt about some of the words that pirates may have used at various times and even came up with our own pirate names using the Pirate Name Generator! 
We have begun learning about the famous pirates Captain Blackbeard and Anne Bonny and will continue to develop this over the coming weeks. 
On top of this we have started looking at the artist Andy Worhol and will be doing a unit of work trying to use his style to inspire some of our art - linked to pirates of course! 

We are joined once again this term by Mrs. White who will be completing her final term as a trainee with us.

A note about Accelerated Reader... Thank you for reading so many books over the Easter holidays! If anyone has any questions about this please come and see us. We will continue to monitor the level of books children are being encouraged to read and this information will come home.
Also, you may notice an increase in the complexity of the spellings coming home this term as we once again raise our expectations and challenge.

Here's to a fantastic Summer term... I cannot believe we are in the Summer term already! Seriously.

Year 1 team

Tuesday, 9 April 2019

Year 1 - End of Term!

Hello everyone,

A little late but WOW! Friday was a very busy day! There were so many things happening its hard to know where to begin! But first I must say once again how great this class is... You are all wonderful to work with and I very much look forward to the summer term and where this may lead us!

Astronaut Training day went very well (pictures scattered throughout this post of various things we've been up to recently) and all the children are now fully fledged astronauts ready for space flight. 

We also had our sponsored bike ride through school which was greatly enjoyed, even if it did end up raining! 
Also, a big well done to all the awards winners this half term some mighty strides forwards for all! 

Finally, some Easter home learning...

  • On a rainy day go outside and splash in some puddles.
  • Wear your pyjamas all day.
  • Make a den out of duvets and blankets.
  • Have an Easter Egg hunt.
  • Watch your favourite film and eat some Easter chocolate! 
Good luck with all of those... 

Year 1 team

Tuesday, 2 April 2019

Year 1 - Astronaut Day This Friday!

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Hello everyone,

Just a little reminder that this Friday is the year 1 Astronaut Training Day in school! You are all welcome to dress up for this but please do not feel as though this is a requirement - all children will be able to participate fully. 
As well as this we have our sponsored bike/scooter ride in school on this day! We will be taking part in this also as a class! Any questions please come and see us.

Lastly, thank you to everyone who has had a go at their Accelerated Reader books this week! The children are regularly mentioning about how full up their flower is! Please continue to ask questions if you're not sure on something.

Year 1 team